20% Off Desexing - June to August

Throughout the winter months, our clinic is proud to be participating in the RSPCA Operation Wanted program, a highly successful and effective desexing campaign that collaborates with local councils, participating vet clinics and animal shelters to encourage all pet owners to have their pets desexed. For the next three months starting from June the 1st, have your dog or cat desexed in our clinic and receive 20% off!  
With over 50,000 animals placed into the care of RSPCA Queensland last year alone, desexing your pet is an excellent way to help protect our environment by reducing the number of unwanted litters and homeless pets on our streets. Desexing also gives your pet a reduced risk of cancer and unwanted behaviour while also helping your furry friend be their happy and relaxed self!  
Speak to our friendly reception team or contact our clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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