Helpful training tip - "leave it"

This is useful when out on a walk when your dog is reactive to other dogs or maybe he wants to eat something of the ground that is potentially dangerous.

To train your dog to "leave it":

  1. First, place a treat in both hands and close your fists.
  2. Holding one fist in front of your dog, say "Leave it"
  3. Allow your dog to sniff, lick, mouth or paw your fist. 
  4. Once they stop investigating your fist, use your other hand to give them a treat.
  5. Repeat this until your dog moves away from the first fist after you say "leave it".
  6. Remember, only give your dog the treat when he moves away from the first fist and looks up at you.

This will help to train you dog to move away from something or someone when you say "leave it".