Is it okay to sleep with your dog?

This question is often raised with concerns about developing behavioural problems by allowing your pet on the bed. Usually any so called aggressive behaviour displayed would have started prior to allowing your pet on the bed. Most aggression is fear based and absolutely nothing to do with Fido jumping on the bed with you.

Another concern is ‘will I get worms from sleeping with my pet?’ In most cases probably no more than we can pass on worms to our pets. It is important to regularly worm your pet as well as the whole family. Cats who hunt lizards and geckos have to be regularly wormed for tapeworm. Sometimes if a cat has tapeworms you can see white segments (snail like) around the anus or tail.

If you are comfortable with your pet or pets on your bed and you are not being kept awake all night it is absolutely fine. There has been some evidence that you get a better night sleep with your fur baby sleeping beside you. I’m all for a good night’s sleep.