Our Christmas Celebrations - Visit us during December!

Miss the chance to blow your pet a kiss in the kissing booth? Don’t worry, our very popular prop for pet photos will re-appear in our clinic just before Santa comes to town from the 19th of December. There will be prizes and giveaways and a brand-new Christmas character in the kissing booth for you to take a photo of your pet with for Christmas 2018.

Put on your best Christmas party hat and head down to the clinic throughout December!

Don’t forget to stock up on your parasite control at the same time. We are now heading into peak tick season. Be extra vigilant for paralysis ticks, which are more prevalent after Summer rainfall. Moisture in the air is a matter of survival for ticks. It allows the larval ticks to mature into nymphs. As adults, ticks can be found on bushes, leaves and taller plants. The ticks climb upward seeking potential hosts. Ticks wait on vegetation waving forelegs for a host to come within reach. Heat and movement serve as stimuli for this ‘questing’ behaviour. Tick prevention is vital to keep your pets safe. All the staff at Balaclava Vet Surgery are happy to guide you on best methods for cat and dog flea and tick prevention.